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MINCAL (L) is a Prebiotic Sweetener, comprising Sucralose (Sweetener) & Isomalto-oligosaccharide (Dietary fiber), and can be used in various food applications. 1:1 to sugar (weight by weight). i.e. 1 Kg. of sugar will be ® replaced with 1Kg. of MINCAL (L) ® Application Of Mincal (L) Bakery-breads, Biscuits Cookies, Rusk & Cakes Frozen Desserts - Ice Creams, Kulfi Confectionery - Hard Boiled Candies, Jam & Jellies Dairy Products - Curd, Yogurts & Flavored Milk Health Range Products - Chyawanprash, Herbal / Multivitamin Products, Cereal Bars Indian Sweets - Khoa Based Sweets (Pedha, Burfi, Kalakand Etc.) Designed For Calorie Conscious & Weight Watches Pack size : 10 kg Can