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Indo Foods is glad to declare that, Indo food has the monopoly of selling Brand Colate and Brand Pitamber, of two different companies which are the pioneers in manufacturing of Choco Paste and Compound Chocolates Covering, We also are dedicated towards procurement of Cocoa Powder and are the Representatives of JB Cocoa, Malaysia.

All these products are widely used in Bakery, Confectionary, Biscuit and Ice-Cream Industries.

The fine texture, consistency and Distinctive taste of the Chocolate, has reached to this Panicle level after a lot of research, by professionals in this fields.

Indo foods have large network for supply throughout India and its distribution is done from our Vashi warehouse in Navi Mumbai. Our strategical Location supports us to be swift in the business.

Vertex sales and Uni Foods are sister concerns of Indo Foods which are engaged in distribution for Mumbai and Pune Respectively.

By providing the excellent products with finest service at an affordable rates we extend our Business for a long-term.

Cocoa Powder and Cocoa based products are the core Food Ingredients distributed by Indo foods. The top quality cocoa powder originated from Ghana and Malaysia is imported and supplied to industries which are manufacturing Cocoa based products .

We assure quick and timely services to our existing as well as new customers at best rates. We have various product lines to fulfill the different needs of users. Being a techno- commercial organization Indo Foods deal in the core business of Pharmaceuticals, Bakeries ,Confectionery and Ice cream manufacturers and form a primary part in the above segments. Now we intended to slightly Diversify into various fields and throw light on the products such as cocoa powder, chocolate paste, chocolate chips and Compound Chocolates which has a new arena in Food Industry.

We are very proud to announce that we are the agents of highly reputed industries as per their product specialty. Supplying excellent quality material at a compatible prices as per the approved samples& specifications, is our motto. We guarantee you quick services with best customer satisfaction.